What's this all about?

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What's this all about?

Postby blejdaq » Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:20 am

6 months ago, after a long time, we started to play Aok again (and we play it until now) and we realized how timeless and beautiful this game is. Together with Starcraft/Broodware they are maybe the best popular RTS games ever. Long story short we are really enjoying it but we want more, for example:

- the game lasts for 1 - 3 hours depending on count of players and their tactics and then it's over, except a good feeling about victory there's nothing...killed time...and then again from the beginning - train 4th villager, build mill and live long and prosper
- rushing in feudal age isn't nice, let me build economy, expand to surrounding lands, put army together and then war
- many of my fellow players are very expansive and on the giant map there just isn't enough space for all of us
- exploring the map isn't fun anymore, there's no chance of finding something interesting, terrain type is set
- the more players the more fun, so the fun scale ends at 8
- population limit - ever wanted to war on more places in the same time?
- i personally think that medieval ages were based on sieges, sieges those last for days or weeks or even months...cut the city from resources, let them starve, force them to surrender and then kill, steal, rape and celebrate
- economy! i came from the world of Lineage II and admire its complex economy system, player even hostile are dependent on each other when they are quite anonymously trading important goods
- history! the more history the better...real history sieges, crusades, territories, civilizations

this is only a bunch of ideas what can be made better and would improve the gameplay (at least for me) so why don't make a new game based on the graphics we all are used to (and if we play it privately who would care about licenses and legality)

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