Basic functionality

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Basic functionality

Postby blejdaq » Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:12 am

Although the original generated terrain will be real and quite functional it will look artificial and rought. Therefore i will first release multiuser terrain editor and hope that people will help me to improve the look of that terrain. In terrain editor you will have access to the whole world map and could chose your superG square, lock it for you so no one else can edit it and when you ready you will commit it to the public repository. Of course the terrain look has to conform to the reality and will be checked and eventually set on confirmed. When committing you can also set the terrain on finished what means you don't want later adjustments from someone else. Everything will depend on your access level which will depend on how impressive you can be. And sure, your terrain will stay your intellectual property and when used in game, you will be credited for your territory.

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